Kotlin for Android Development Training

Learning Kotlin for Android Development Training Bareilly

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Brief Description About Course: 

Just as iOS developers can turn to Swift if they want a modern language that's more approachable than Objective-C, Android developers have Kotlin—an easy-to-use language that's highly compatible with Java. Along with improved syntax, Kotlin boasts null pointer safety with nullable variables, and lambda functions that allow you to develop your apps quickly and concisely. In this course, author and Android developer Kevin Moore shows you how to set up Kotlin for Android development, explore the syntax of the language, and see Kotlin in action by creating a photo app using the language.

Topics include:

  • Setting up Kotlin
  • Converting activities from Java to Kotlin
  • Creating an emulator
  • Installing and adding Android libraries
  • Reviewing basic Kotlin syntax
  • Using variables
  • Creating functions
  • Retrieving images using the REST API from Pixabay
  • Layering image views using a FrameLayout and a RelativeLayout
  • Building the RecyclerView adapter
  • Displaying a high-resolution photo of the image in the RecyclerView